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Visual identity

The visual identity enables the magazine to be identified on the various communication media.

Website of the journal

  • What will be the logo of the journal?

The logo should be simple and makes the journal immediately recognisable. Consider creating a logo for white backgrounds and another for black backgrounds.

  • What graphic charter for the journal’s website?

The graphic charter summarises all the graphic rules that make up the journal’s visual identity: font, title colour, font size, logos, website banner, etc. If the magazine is both online and printed, it is necessary to think about producing two graphic charters, adapted to each medium, paper and web.

  • Website sections

It is important to think about the sections of the journal’s website. For this, it is interesting to consult the websites of other scientific journals. In addition, you can also refer to the following article which lists the information to be included on the website of a scientific journal (legal notice, about, contact, instructions to authors, etc.)


  • What will the articles look like? The issues? What will be the framework of the cover?

Think about creating layouts for the journal and for the articles. The template for the articles will be sent to authors who wish to submit an article. In addition, the size of the articles must be determined so that it can be communicated to the authors.

  • How should images be processed?

Will the journal impose a maximum number of illustrations on authors? In what format and resolution should they be sent? What standard should be adopted for the captions of illustrations?

  • What information should be included in each issue?

What information should appear on the cover of each article? What information should be included at the end of the article? Please note that some information is recommended by the databases on the PDF of the articles: title of the article, name of the authors, ISSN, name of the publisher, volume numbering, DOI, CC licence, etc.