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The Centre Mersenne at the SIF-SMAI conference on new publication models

The centre Mersenne will be present at the Research Day of SIF-SMAI, at the Institut Henri Poincaré, octobre 2d, 2018, around the future of scientific publications and peer-reviewing. More

4th issue of Algebraic Combinatorics online

The fourth issue of Algebraic Combinatorics is now online! - More

Back from Journées Médici

The Centre Mersenne attended the Journées Médici "Towards 4.0 Publishing" that took place in Avignon (France) September 22-24, 2018, where we presented the project (presentation and poster).

The Centre Mersenne

The Centre Mersenne for Open Scientific Publishing aims at supporting and fostering open access scientific publishing. It offers tools and services for scholars and editorial teams of open access journals formatted with LaTeX.


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Algebraic Combinatorics

Dedicated to publishing high-quality papers in which algebra and combinatorics interact in interesting ways. more...

Annales de l'Institut Fourier

Annales de l'Institut Fourier

Publishes original articles of a high level in all fields of mathematics. more...

Publication Mathématiques de Besançon

Publishes research articles  in algebra and number theory. more...


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Recently published

Schubert polynomials, 132-patterns, and Stanley’s conjecture

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 4 p. 415-423

Radicals of S n -invariant positive semidefinite hermitian forms

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 4 p. 425-440

Dual filtered graphs

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 4 p. 441-500

Towards a function field version of Freiman’s Theorem

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 4 p. 501-521

On the definition of Heisenberg category

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 4 p. 523-544

Towards a uniform subword complex description of acyclic finite type cluster algebras

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 4 p. 545-572