The centre Mersenne is a comprehensive publishing infrastructure offering modular services towards scientific communities and a dissemination platform for scientific publications, publishing in LaTeX.

All the documents that are posted on its website are open access.

The centre Mersenne is developed by Mathdoc, in partnership with UGA Éditions, supported by CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), with funding from the Grenoble IDEX.


Launch of the centre Mersenne

January 2018: the Centre Mersenne is officially launched !

This launch is inaugurated by the publication of the first volume of Algebraic Combinatorics, the first journal to join the Centre Mersenne. This journal has been created, with the support of MathOA, after the resignation of the editorial board of a Springer journal (Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics).

On parle de nous

Le centre Mersenne pour l'édition scientifique ouverte, La Gazette des mathématiciens no 155 (2018).

La première revue du centre Mersenne est en ligne, portail du RNBM, janvier 2018.

Première réunion du conseil scientifique de Mathdoc

On March 16th 2018, Mathdoc Scientific council will meet in Grenoble. The first candidate journals will be evaluated during this session.

It is composed of: Claude Sabbah (président), Sylvie Benzoni, Djalil Chafaï, Jean-Pierre Demailly, Marie Farge, Frédéric Hélein, Norbert Schappacher et Christoph Sorger.

Latest Articles

Hilbert series for twisted commutative algebras

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 1 p. 147-172

Triangulations of root polytopes

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 1 p. 115-145

Lower bound cluster algebras: presentations, Cohen–Macaulayness, and normality

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 1 p. 95-114

Skew Howe duality and random rectangular Young tableaux

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 1 p. 81-94

Ordered set partitions and the 0-Hecke algebra

Algebraic Combinatorics
Issue 1 (2018) no. 1 p. 47-80