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Index your journal in the Web of Science

Prior verification

Check if your journal is not already indexed in Web of Science: list of journals.

4 selection stages

1. Initial criteria

ISSN must be registered and visible on the website and in the journal’s articles, whether digital or paper.

The publication’s title must correspond to the ISSN and the field of research. It should be indicated in each article, as well as on the issue, the journal and the website.

The name of the publisher must be clearly displayed, verifiable, and a postal address must be included.

If the publication is available online and in print, the URL and access to the content of the latest issue should be provided.

  • The Web of Science editorial team must have access to the publication’s full content.
  • Presence of an editorial and peer review policy
  • Presence of contact details and role descriptions of the editorial team.

2. Editorial criteria: 2nd stage

  • Scientific content and research papers
  • Headings and abstracts must be in English
  • Bibliographic information should be written in Roman script.
  • All texts should be written in clear language, understandable to all.
  • Regular publication
  • Clear and up-to-date website with links to the publisher’s website and vice versa
  • Presence of a statement relating to ethics and best practices
  • Members of the editorial committee should be clearly identified and easy to contact.
  • Full affiliation of authors: names, institutions, location.

3. Quality assessment of the review

  • Composition of the editorial board
  • Adequacy between content and editorial policy.
  • Quality of review by peers and content/scope adequacy
  • Funding details
  • Respect of community standards
  • Geographical diversity of authors and relevance of their background
  • Appropriate citations

4. Assessment of the journal’s impact

  • Comparative citation analysis: number of citations and source of citations
  • Author citation analysis: author’s publication history in Web of Science and relevance of the authors’ citation network
  • Analysis of citations by the editorial committee: publication history in Web of Science and relevance of the citation network from members of the editorial committee
  • Value of the content

Application form

Web of Science Publisher Portal

Create a user account on Clarivate. Then request publisher access via the publisher portal access form. Once accepted, you can submit your journal for evaluation.

The stages:

  • ISSN
  • Language: select one or two (max) language(s) and indicate which elements are displayed in that language (title of the article, author’s name, author’s address, references, keywords, abstract)
  • Information about the journal (name, URL, publisher, title owner, publication frequency, volume of publication, 1st year of publication, partnerships, discipline, links to ethics statements and assessment policy, plagiarism detection
  • Access information
  • Contact details

Re-submission opportunity

It is possible to reapply:

  • ejection at the initial stage or for editorial reasons: immediate re-submission is possible
  • refusal based on quality or impact: re-submission is possible after 2 years