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Index your journal in Pubmed Central

Prior verification

Check if your journal is not already indexed in Pubmed: list of journals.

Criteria for selection

Information required for assessment

  • The publication must have a title and an ISSN
  • Date of first publication and frequency of publication
  • Journal’s URL
  • The journal’s website must include: an editorial committee, an editorial policy, a peer review process and an ethics statement.
  • Name and publisher details.

First assessment

Relevant criteria to determine if the journal is within Pubmed’s scope:

  • Peer review policy
  • Fields: life sciences and biomedical
  • The affiliations of the editorial committee and authors should reflect their independence and the journal’s main fields
  • The articles submitted should pertain to the following: scientific articles, clinical case reports, articles in connection with a data set, descriptions of surgical or clinical procedures.

Assessment of scientific quality

  • Editorial policy
  • Quality of content: clarity, logic, scientific method…
  • Quality of figures and tables
  • Language quality
  • Article layouts
  • Editorial committee and authors: affiliations, relevance to the journal’s scope
  • Frequency of publication

Technical assessment

Minimum criteria:

Pubmed requests the following files:

Application form

Pubmed Publisher portal :

Re-submission opportunity

Possibility to reapply after 2 years.