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Committees of a scientific journal

Different committees are involved in the publication of a scientific journal: the editorial board, the scientific committee and the review committee.

Editorial committee

The editorial board decides on the editorial policy and carries out all tasks related to the smooth running of the journal: reception of submitted articles, organisation of peer review, layout, editing, distribution, etc.

It is made up of several people: editor-in-chief, editorial secretary, editors…

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee has an advisory role. It is composed of specialists within the journal’s fields and offers guidelines for the journal: themes, scientific choices, etc. The scientific committee also guarantees the quality of the journal.

The Scientific Committee reviews and evaluates the articles submitted to the journal or proposes reviewers.

The scientific committee must be listed in the journal and show the affiliations of each member.

Committee of reviewers

The review committee is made up of experts and is responsible for evaluating the articles submitted to the journal. The reading committee evaluates the scientific quality of each article and decides on their publication.

For more information: link to the article on peer review.