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Mir@bel is a contraction of “Mutualisation d’Informations sur les Revues et leurs Accès dans les Bases En Ligne” (Mutualisation of Information on Journals and their Access in Online Databases). It is a portal for reporting access to French electronic scientific journals. The platform…

Typesetting and proofreading

The Centre Mersenne provides services for complying with standards. The term “compliance” immediately brings to mind the article’s online presentation, its proper viewing: typography, display of metadata, layout… But what…

Editorial standards

Editorial standards make it possible to homogenise texts and facilitate readability. It is a matter of choosing layout rules (line spacing, alignment, presentation of captions, visuals, etc.) as well as the rules for..

Visual identity

The visual identity enables the magazine to be identified on the various communication media. What will be the logo of the journal? The logo should be simple and immediately distinguishable…

The editorial team

Different committees are involved in the publication of a scientific journal: the scientific committee, the editorial committee and the reading committee. The choice of people is very…

The journal’s identity and editorial line

Prior to creating a journal, it is important to determine whether it is long-term and relevant. The first questions that should be asked concern the journal’s objective in the short and medium term: why create a journal and what do we want to achieve in one year? in 3 years? How will…