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Indexing your journal in Scopus

Prior verification

Check if your journal is not already indexed in Scopus: list of journals.

Selection criteria

Criteria required for assessment

To be considered as a journal, the document must meet at least the following criteria:

  • the journal is reviewed by a reading committee and must render the detailed review process accessible to peers.
  • publication must be regular
  • publication is identified by an ISSN
  • the journal must offer content that is “relevant and understandable by an international audience”, and headings and abstracts must be written in Roman script.
  • the journal must make public any ethics statement and misconduct in publication practices.

Quality assessment of the review

The journals are then evaluated according to 5 criteria:

  • Editorial policy
  • Content
  • Prestige of the journal
  • Regularity of publication
  • Online visibility

Application form

To submit a journal for indexing on Scopus, the online form must be returned.

In case of refusal

Possibility to reapply.