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The Cellule de coordination documentaire nationale pour les mathématiques (Mathdoc) is a mixed service unit with a national vocation, with two supervisory bodies: the Institut national des sciences mathématiques et de leurs interactions (CNRS Mathématiques) of the CNRS, and the Université Grenoble Alpes, where it is located.

It develops services intended either for professionals (documentalists, academic publishers, laboratories, etc.) or directly for researchers through various search and access portals.
It is involved in numerous collaborations in this field, both nationally (CNRS business networks, Bibliothèque nationale de France, the very large “Bibliothèque scientifique numérique” research infrastructure, etc.) and internationally (cooperation on digital mathematics library projects).

The unit is headed by a mathematician. The team consists of documentalists, computer scientists (development and system administration), and a manager.

Mathdoc's activities

Numdam, the French digital mathematics library

Portail Math (French) This website gives you access to documentary resources and digital services.

Cedram, dissemination platform for French mathematics journals (French)

Originally, Cedram

Launched in 2005 and stopped in 2018, the Cedram gatheredin 2017 9 journals, 1 book et 7 scientific proceedings, accessibles in full text and open access.

The centre Mersenne was presented as a change of scale for Cedram in terms of:

From Cedram to the Centre Mersenne


Online publication of 3 journals including the Annales de l’Institut Fourier.


Distribution of the Journal de l’école Polytechnique.


  • Distribution of 9 journals, 1 book, 7 proceedings and seminars;
  • About 8,000 articles (180,000 pages) on;
  • An average of 200 articles per year (6,000 pages) are published online.
  • Cedram offers the LaTeX standardisation service.


Cedram is beginning its transition to Mersenne:

  • All Cedram content is Open Access;
  • Two recruitments on fixed-term contracts for the centre Mersenne;
  • Integration of 4 new journals.


Cedram changes scale to become the centre Mersenne for Open Scientific Publishing

  • January 2018: launch of the centre Mersenne;
  • January 2018: publication of the first volume of Algebraic Combinatorics on the Mersenne platform;
  • Migration of Cedram content to the centre Mersenne.