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2 new sections for Peer Community Journal

Two new sections have just been added to the Peer Community Journal: “Health & Movement Science” and “Registered Reports”.

Peer Community Journal will soon be celebrating its first year of existence, and it already publishes 16 sections covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, including two new ones: “Health & Movement Science” and “Registered Reports”, which confirms the exceptional dynamism of the journal. Going beyond the disciplinary perimeter of the centre Mersenne, these two sections will be published in collaboration with our partner UGA Éditions.

The section Health & Movement Sciences is dedicated to all areas of health and movement sciences (in particular biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise and sport psychology, meta-science, nutrition, physical education, physical activity, health and disease, rehabilitation, sensorimotor control and sports performance).
It will present review articles, commentaries, opinion papers, research articles, data papers, technical sheets, computer notes, etc. and has just published its first article on physical activity.

Peer Community Journal has also just launched another new section, based on new forms of publication, Registered Reports, which has also published its first article. This new section will potentially cover all areas of science: science, technology, engineering and mathematics, medicine, social sciences and humanities.

A long life to these sections!