Benefit from Mersenne’s services

Selection criteria

  • Peer reviewed scientific research publications.
  • LaTeX typesetting.
  • Open access
    – In the medium term (aka finite moving wall): mandatory
    – Diamond open access (aka Gold without APCs): highly recommended.
  • Institutional support.
  • Transparency in editorial management, decision taking, etc. (recommended: adhering to COPEEMS ethics Code of practice or similar).
  • Quality control policy

Services Fees

Administration and maintenance of OJS instances are free of charge, as for dissemination of articles on the Mersenne platform.

A financial contribution will be required in order to cover running costs (such as article preparation and typesetting, editorial management).

The prices are detailed in the accession form.

Assessment process

1- The editorial team contacts Mersenne
2- The Mersenne scientific Committee assesses the scientific quality of the project, depending on above criterias
3- If the project is accepted, the editorial team chooses the desired services
4- Signature of a contract between Mersenne and the entity owning the publication