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How to join Mersenne

1- Check that your publication complies with our criteria and publication standards

2- Choose your accession pack

3- Upload and fill in the Membership Request Form:

New journal Membership Request Form

Existing Journal Membership Request Form

4- Upload and sign our General Terms of Use

5- Send us a paper version or an electronic version of the two documents: the Membership Request Form and the General Terms of Use to the following postal address:

150 rue de la Chimie - CS 40700
38 058 Grenoble cedex 9


6- The process is on!

Selection criteria & publication standards

The Centre Mersenne supports publications meeting the two following criterias:

  • open access scientific publications,
  • formatted in LaTeX

Publication types

Publications can be:

  • Journals, books or proceedings,
  • Of national of international base
  • Of any scientific discipline
  • Existing or newly-created journals

Selection Criteria

These publications should adhere to the following publication standards:

  • Open Access: The journal preferably publishes under Diamond Open Access model (preferred over Gold Open Access), no money is required to publish (no APC) nor to read.
  • Peer Review: The journal must be peer-reviewed.
  • Independence: The journal has a transparent ownership structure and articles are selected on behalf of a competent, scientifically independent editorial board,
  • Copyright: Authors transfer copyright to the extent necessary for operating (no exclusive transfer required). Articles are published under an explicit Open Access licence. For instance,  Creative Commons licences can be used (CC-BY, CC-BY-ND...) To learn more about Creative Commons.
  • Title ownership: The journal's title is owned by a not-for-profit entity serving the relevant scientific community.
  • Best practice: the journal website complies with COPE's "Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing".
  • A not-for-profit project

Accession Packs

Upon acceptation, each Publication becomes a Member and benefits automatically and for free from the two following services:

Free services

 Support to editorial processs with OJS


Fee-based Services (please contact us for the fees)

 Managing editor
 Plagiarism detection


*The OJS alone Service (Support to Editorial Process) can be offered to publications not hosted by the centre Mersenne. This service will be provided by Mathdoc (Indicative Price: 4500€/3 years).

If you are interested by this pack, please contact us.


Accession Process

1- The editorial team of a journal adhering to the Centre Mersenne publication standards fills in the Existing Journal Membership Request Form or New Journal Membership Request Form and sends a paper or electronic version to the Centre Mersenne along with the General Terms of Use. 

2- Assessment by Mathdoc of the demand according to the above criteria and publication standards.

3- The Mersenne scientific Committee assesses the relevance of the project. It may consult experts if neccessary.

4- Possibly after several rounds, the Steering Committee makes the final decision.

5- When the proposal is accepted, the Centre Mersenne sends an acceptance letter to the publisher of the journal as well as a contract and a quote to be signed and returned.

6- Once the signed contract is received by Centre Mersenne, partnership can begin.