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The Cellule de coordination documentaire nationale pour les mathématiques (Mathdoc) is a joint service unit of the mathematical institute of CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes located in Grenoble since 1995

It is lead by mathematicians and composed of a small team (6 permanent positions) with:

  • 3-4 computer scientists
  • 0-2 information specialists
  • 2 publishing staff
  • administrative and temporary staff

Mathdoc develops services towards (French, math) librarians and research mathematicians (worldwide).

Mathdoc's activities

Numdam, the French digital mathematics library

Portail Math (French)

Cedram, dissemination platform for French mathematics journals (French)


Launched in 2005 and stopped in 2018, the Cedram gatheredin 2017 9 journals, 1 book et 7 scientific proceedings, accessibles in full text and open access.

A change of scale of the Cedram was necessary to open up to international publications, to all scientific disciplines and to offer more quality services.

From Cedram to the Centre Mersenne for open publishing science

Online posting of 3 journals
LaTeX+XML perfect metadata using Tralics
7 journals, including Journal de l’école Polytechnique, and 6 proceeding series
2 new services (transition to Mersenne):
  • LaTeX typesetting
  • Open Journal System customisation and maintenance (3 journals)
9 journals, 1 book, 7 proceedings series
Development of the centre Mersenne:
  • All Cedram content is Open Access
  • Two new staff hired thanks to Grenoble’s IDEX (Campus ofexcellence funding program)
  • Start of the work to integrate 4 new journals
Centre Mersenne Grand Opening
Publication of the first volume of Alegbraic Combinatorics.
All Cedram content to be migrated by June