About the Centre Mersenne

The Centre Mersenne develops a comprehensive publishing infrastructure based on a modular service catalog towards scientific communities publishing in LaTeX.
It also includes a dissemination platform for posting journal’s electronic editions.

Its mission includes supporting new publications (journals, books, seminar or conference proceedings) from all kind of scientific disciplines engaged in open access and using LaTeX to produce articles.


The Centre Mersenne was founded in 2017 as a partnership of Mathdoc (joint service unit of CNRS and University Grenoble Alpes) and UGA Éditions, with funding from the IDEX (funds for campus-wide excellence in teaching and research) of Grenoble. It is developing new services for diamond open access scholarly publishing (diamond meaning here : gold open access without APC, or free to read, free to publish).


The following governing bodies are being formed.

  • A steering committee, which monitors the center’s activity, sets its agenda, decides on priorities. it is composed of:
    • INSMI'Director (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions), or representative;
    • UGA's Research Vice-President, or representative;
    • UGA's IDEX Research and Valorization Executive Director;
    • Mathdoc Director;
    • Mathdoc Assistant Director;
    • Centre Mersenne's Operational Officer.


  • A scientific committee providing advice to the steering committee on journal acceptance, orientations and priorities. It is composed of:
    • Claude Sabbah (président), CMLS, École polytechnique
    • Sylvie Benzoni, ICJ, Lyon et IHP
    • Djalil Chafaï, Ceremade, Paris Dauphine University
    • Jean-Pierre Demailly, IF, Grenoble Alpes University
    • Marie Farge, ENS Paris
    • Frédéric Hélein, IMJ, Paris Diderot University
    • Norbert Schappacher, I.R.M.A., Strasbourg University
    • Christoph Sorger, LMJL, Nantes


  • Thierry Bouche, Scientific Officer
  • Evelyne Miot, Scientific Officer
  • Célia Vaudaine, Operational Officer
  • Olivier Labbe, Technical Officer
  • Patrick Bernaud, Developer
  • Simon Chevance, Developer
  • Nicolas Franco-Nollet, LaTeX Copy-editor
  • Franck Lontin, System Administrator
  • Hanane Ayadi, Administrative and Financial Administrator

And a project team (MathdocUGA ÉditionsInstitut Fourier).


Centre Mersenne is: